We are pleased to announce the founding of the MUSA Association. The Korean word “Musa” in English means “Warrior”. MUSA is a new kind of organization which emphasizes building up Korean martial arts through educating and advising Masters and Instructors. Unity is a primary goal of the MUSA association, this means unity between students, unity between instructors, unity between schools and unity with the community.

MUSA Association

The MUSA Association offers a variety of benefits to the martial arts and local community, such as:School Development, Instructor Development, Dojang Marketing, Student Curriculum, MUSA Teams, Area Events, Camps, Seminars, Tournaments, Promotion Testing ,Promoting the TaeKwonDo way of Life and Unified TaeKwonDo for Future Generations.
Off the Coralville Strip 2421 James St. #23 - Coralville, Iowa 52241 (319) 338-2264 Lonniematthews11@gmail.com
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The Musa Association will be hosting a family campout event at Kent park in Tiffin, Iowa. (July 24th start on friday afternoon at 5 and end on Saturday at noon) -Click on the image calendar above to sign up!